Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swaziland Solidarity Network submits this memorandum to mark 271 days of PUDEMO President Mario Masuku’s incarceration

13 August 2009

To: The High Commissioner of Swaziland in South Africa

Attention: Mr. M. Mswane

From: Swaziland Solidarity Network- South Africa


The Swaziland Solidarity Network submits this memorandum to mark 271 days of PUDEMO President Mario Masuku’s incarceration. We bring to your attention our strong objection to his continued imprisonment upon trumped up political charges.

Your regime is bent on intensifying its subversion of Swaziland peoples democratic rights to belong to a democratic country. A non-existent link between PUDEMO President Mario Masuku and provisions in your unconstitutional Suppression of Terrorism Act has been created to silence his political leadership.

Many more citizens including women and young people are victims of your regime’s dictatorial policies, of banishment, exile, detention, starvation, lack of proper health infrastructure, education and deep poverty.

We demand of your regime to unconditionally release Masuku from prison and recognise the legitimate rights of your people to put forward the demand for multi-party democracy.

Your regime has perpetrated scores of human rights violations against political activists, trade unions, the media and anyone that criticizes your popularly rejected system of Royal political rule.

A ban on Political parties has been legislated since 1973. Laws are perverted to reign in activists who are subjected to widespread detentions and inhuman treatment. They are constantly threatened and intimidated including through the introduction of the public service bill.

Your regime is the most corrupt in the entire continent and is entirely responsible for the suffering and misery of the poor Swazis.

The decimation of foundations for a democratic respect for the rule of law is insulted by the King placing himself above the constitution.

Your regime has issued threats against public servants who belong to political parties. It is your aim to dismiss them of their jobs once the public service bill has been passed.

It is against that background that we place to your regime the following demands:

  • The Unconditional and immediate release of PUDEMO President Comrade MARIO Masuku and all political prisoners

  • The dropping of all the ridiculous charges against Thulani Maseko

  • A democratically elected constituent assembly to develop a new constitution to lead the country into a constitutional Multi-party democracy.

  • Removal of the draconian 1973 decree which bans political parties

  • An end to the harassment and intimidation trade unions and other organisations in exercising their legitimate political and other trade union activities.
  • The unconditional return of all exiles

  • Swaziland must comply with the AU's Charter on Human and People's Rights

We demand a response within 7 days of the submission of this memorandum.

Signed:…………………………………….. Date…………………………

Recipient: Swaziland Representative

Signed:…………………………………….. Date…………………………

Submitted by: SSN Representative

For more information contact:

Lucky Lukhele-SSN National spokesperson

072 502 4141

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