Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mario Masuku criticizes the Swazi Constitution

With assistance from Pretoria, on April 12, 1973 Sobhuza II infamously declared: the Constitution of Independence had “failed”; it was the cause of “growing unrest”; it had permitted “undesirable political practices”; and there was “no constitutional way” to amend the Constitution. A State-of Emergency was declared and Sobhuza II assumed supreme power (Kuper 1978). Parliament was suspended for five years and when it reopened the royalist's tinkhundla system began to be enforced. The Constitution which was suspended in 1973 was eventually replaced thirty-three years later.

In the brief video clip below, PUDEMO President lists the shortcomings of the so-called "new" Constitution. Masuku has been an outspoken critic of the Swazi regime for years and they think he can be silenced by prison. VIVA Mario VIVA!

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