Friday, March 6, 2009

Mario’s son wins case

Mario’s son wins case
Swazi Times March 06,2009

MBABANE - High Court Judge Mabel Agyemang yesterday ordered that Mario Masuku’s son, Mzwandile, be allowed access to consult with his father behind bars.
The matter was finalised in chambers by senior lawyer Paul Shilubane and government lawyer Phesheya Dlamini.
Mzwandile, together with his principal, Thulani Maseko, had filed papers at the High Court, where they wanted to be allowed access to visit and consult with the jailed PUDEMO President.
Maseko wanted the court to declare that Mzwandile be allowed access to consult with his father in his capacity as an articled clerk (practising but not yet admitted attorney).
Judge Agyemang ruled that Mzwandile must not be hindered when he wants to consult with his father behind bars.
Dlamini’s argument to the judge was that government was not per se against Mzwandile consulting with his father as there were few technical problems encountered which could have simply been solved even outside the court.
The matter was eventually finalised by mutual agreement between the two parties, but costs were granted in Shilubane’s favour.

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